Government pressed for overdue update on detainee mistreatment inquiry

15 July 2019

Kenneth Clarke MP has pressed the Government to reinstate the judge-led inquiry into detainee mistreatment.

Mr Clarke previously asked this question on 2 July 2018, with the Government committing to update the House on the issue within 60 days. So far there has not been an update.

On 17 May 2019, the UN Committee Against Torture released recommendations for the UK Government including a judge-led inquiry, as it published a report on allegations that UK personnel had committed acts of torture.

Article 3 of the Human Rights Convention prohibits torture and inhuman and degrading treatment or punishment, while the UN Convention Against Torture, which the UK signed in 1988, requires the criminalisation of torture in domestic law.

Responding for the Government, David Lidington said;

"I can confirm to the House today that the Government will make a definitive statement setting out its decision about a judge-led inquiry later this week. At the same time we will announce to the House our response to Sir Adrian Fulford's recommendations on the consolidated guidance."

Kenneth Clarke responded saying;

"I think we need to know how there was such a terrible breakdown in responsibility and communications to produce the misdeeds that took place in the time after 9/11 so that we can avoid the culture of the intelligence services and their relationships with ministers ever slipping back into the same thing again."

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