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Statement on UK interest in existing EU trade remedy measures

25 February 2019 (updated on 25 February 2019)

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Dr Liam Fox, the Secretary of State for International Trade, has given a statement on UK interest in existing EU trade remedy measures.

As the UK approaches the end of the Article 50 period, and its exit from the European Union on March 29 2019, concern has been expressed over the state of trade negotiations.

Should the UK exit the EU without a deal, and with no alternative trade arrangements in place, UK industry may be vulnerable to trade dumping and unfair subsidies.

The Trade Remedies Authority, a new government agency, has been set up to tackle the issue, but there are questions over its preparedness and staffing levels.

Speaking for the Government, Dr Liam Fox said;

"Of 109 existing EU measures, we will maintain 43 of these measures where they are directly applicable to the UK and have met the criteria to be maintained […] At the same time the UK will not transition the remaining 66 EU measures that currently apply because the measures did not meet our criteria, as set out in the call for evidence."

In response, Barry Gardiner said,

“We are just five weeks away from leaving the EU and possibly operating our own trade remedies and yet the Trade Bill which establishes the Trade Remedies Authority, is still stuck in the other place due to the Government's refusal to set out a transparent and democratic approach to trade agreements.”

Image: Marisol Grandon

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