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May returns to the Commons with Brexit update

12 February 2019 (updated on 12 February 2019)

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The Prime Minister returned to the House of Commons with an update on leaving the European Unions.

Prime Minister Theresa May, gave a statement in the Commons and updated MPs on the current Brexit negotiations. The Prime Minister confirmed that on Thursday,

"the Government will bring forward an amendable motion, which will seek to reaffirm the support of the House for the amended motion from the 29 January; namely to support the Government in seeking changes to the backstop and to recognise that negotiations are ongoing."

The Prime Minister said she had secured an agreement with the EU for further discussions and that more time was needed to support the process. If progress is made on a deal, a further 'meaningful vote' would be scheduled. She also confirmed that if there was no deal negotiated by Tuesday 26 February 2019, the Government would then make a statement on the same day, and hold a debate on an amendable motion on Wednesday 27 February 2019.

Leader of the Opposition, Jeremy Corbyn, responded to the Prime Minister's statement and claimed that she had failed to answer what progress she has made on the alternative arrangements, whether or not theses had been presented to the EU, and when these would be presented to the House. He stated she was running down the clock so that Members would be blackmailed into supporting her deal.

Following debate on Tuesday 29 January, the House of Commons voted on a series of amendments to a neutral motion laid by the Prime Minister. This is not a legally binding procedure, but allowed MPs an opportunity to express their views on amendments which proposed approaches to continuing negotiations between the UK and EU. Opening the debate Theresa May said,

"I call on the House to give me the mandate I need to deliver a deal this House can support. Do that, and I can work to reopen the withdrawal agreement. "

Two amendments won the approval of the House, one which rejected a no-deal Brexit and another which required changes to the proposed Northern Irish backstop.

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