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Lords debates climate change

3 May 2019

Image of UK Parliament portcullis

On Thursday 2 May, members of the House of Lords debated the government's legal responsibility to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions as detailed in the Climate Change Act 2008 and the implications for global security and stability and for the world economy of continuing climatic changes.

Members taking part included the chairs of the Carbon Trust and the Committee on Climate Change.

This was a general debate. They normally take place on a Thursday in the chamber. During debates, members are able to put their experience to good use, discussing current issues and drawing the government's attention to concerns.

The debate was proposed by Lord Rooker (Labour), director of hydro-energy society Ludlow Hydro Co-operative Ltd

Members taking part included:

Lord Henley (Conservative), parliamentary under-secretary in the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, responded on behalf of the government.

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Image: Unsplash / Eric Welsh