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House of Commons holds second round of indicative votes

1 April 2019 (updated on 1 April 2019)

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Following an amendment to the Government's motion on the next steps for Brexit, MPs took part in a second round of indicative votes on various Brexit-related motions.

Last week, the Commons were unable to find a majority in the first set of indicative votes. On Monday 1 April 2019, a further set of indicative votes took place and again MPs were unable to find majority support for any of the four options the Speaker selected.

This comes as the result of an amendment in the name of Sir Oliver Letwin, which secured Parliamentary time for debate and a series of votes on various Brexit scenarios, to see which, if any, might command a majority in the House of Commons.

Business of the House motion

You can find the full text of the Business of the House Motion and amendments in the Order Paper for Monday 1 April 2019.

The Business of the House was approved by division, by 322 to 277.

Indicative vote options

MPs submitted motions covering eight different approaches for consideration, including no-deal, a customs union and a second referendum. The Speaker selected four of the options for debate and vote.

Debate and voting

Following debate and voting, none of the options were able to gain a majority in the House of Commons.

(C) Customs Union Kenneth Clarke276273
(D) Commons Market 2.0Nick Boles282261
(E) Confirmatory public votePeter Kyle292280
(G) Parliamentary SupremacyJoanna Cherry292191

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