Bedford MP questions Government on HMP Bedford following official warning

13 September 2018

On 13 September, Bedford MP Mohammad Yasin asked an urgent question in the House of Commons on HMP Bedford, a prison in his constituency.

HMP Bedford is a category B men's prison operated by Her Majesty's Prison Service. It was placed into special measures in May 2018 and on 12 September 2018, the Chief Inspector of Prisons Peter Clarke sent an urgent notification letter to Justice Secretary David Gauke.

Mohammad Yasin asked the Government to "commit to an action plan that will make Bedford prison safe, bring in experienced officers, vastly improve facilities and properly invest our penal system before we have another riot on our hands".

Responding to on behalf of the Government, Prisons Minister Rory Stewart told the House:

"There is no magic wand, but investing in making sure that we reduce the number of drugs coming in, making sure we have decent living conditions and, above all, building up experienced staff with the right management to challenge that violence on the landings day in and day out, hour in and hour out, is the only way that we will make these prisons safer."

Image: Dennis Simpson

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