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Agriculture Bill: Commons stages

10 October 2018


MPs debated the Second Reading of the Agriculture Bill in the House of Commons on Wednesday 10 October. The Bill passed Second Reading and now moves to Committee stage in the Commons.

Committee stage

Committee stage is where detailed examination of the Bill takes place. Most Committees are able to take evidence from experts and interest groups outside Parliament.

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The Agriculture Bill Public Bill Committee is currently gathering written evidence for the Committee stage of the Bill. The Committee stage is expected to end on [insert date] but may finish earlier.

Agriculture Bill 2017-19

Summary of the Bill

The Agriculture Bill seeks to provide for a range of enabling powers to ensure “stability” for farmers as the UK exits from the EU's Common Agricultural Policy and compliance with the World Trade Organisation Agreement on Agriculture. It also introduces new measures to change the way in which farmers and land managers are supported in the longer term. It is the first substantial Brexit Bill in a domestic policy area which covers both devolved and reserved matters.

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House of Commons Library analysis

The House of Commons Library produces briefing papers to inform MPs and their staff of key issues. The papers contain factual information and a range of opinions on each subject, and aim to be politically impartial.

The Library has published a briefing paper for second reading.

Agriculture Bill: previous Commons stages

Second reading

The Bill passed its second reading on 10 October and passed to Public Bill Committee for further consideration.

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