Third reading: 'tidy up' of EU (Withdrawal) Bill

17 May 2018

Third reading, the chance to 'tidy up' the bill and make changes, in the House of Lords on Wednesday 16 May.

What happened?

Members discussed a change (amendment 1) to set up a body to maintain EU environmental principles and standards. The amendment had been withdrawn at report stage so that members could consider an imminent consultation on the statement of principles and a new environmental body.

Those in supporting the change said the consultation was encouraging but does not go far enough. They had been promised a world leading environmental body to hold government to account on environmental issues and safeguard the environment. However, they argued, there will be less environmental protection post-Brexit. This change will ensure environmental law is complied with.

The government expressed its disappointment at this change being put forward, arguing it is not helpful or necessary as the issues will be covered in the consultation period. The government has taken clear action on many of the points raised, including bringing forward primary legislation so that Parliament can fully scrutinise powers of the environmental watchdog.

The change went to a vote. Members voted 294 for and 244 against, so the change was made.

The government put forward its own changes regarding the status of retained EU law. The changes were accepted without a vote.

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