Second reading: debate on key prupose of EU (Withdrawal) Bill

01 February 2018

Two day second reading, main chance to debate the key purpose and principles of the bill, in the House of Lords on 30 and 31 January.

What happened?

Second reading day one: Tuesday 30 January

Second reading day two: Wednesday 31 January

Members flagged up concerns and specific areas where they thought work was needed.

There are usually no votes and no changes suggested at this stage. Changes are usually suggested and decided in later stages of the bill: committee, report and third reading. 

Members discussed a number of subjects including the UK union and devolved arrangements, legal continuity for judges and the courts and powers to government ministers.

Reflecting the interest of members in this bill, 187 members took part in the debate, the highest number on record for this stage of a bill in the Lords. 

Further information

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