Domestic Gas and Electricity (Tariff Cap) Bill returns to the Lords

19 July 2018

The Domestic Gas and Electricity (Tariff Cap) Bill returned to the House of Lords on Wednesday 18 July for consideration of Commons amendments in 'ping pong'.

Members discussed the insertion of a new clause to the bill regarding the protection of customers once the new tariff cap conditions have been terminated. Following a debate members of the Lords agreed to the clause and the change was made.

As both Houses have agreed on the text of the bill it now awaits the final stage of Royal Assent when it will become an Act of Parliament (law).

Royal Assent is scheduled for 19 July.

Lords third reading: Wednesday 4 July

No changes were made to the bill at third reading.

Following the completion of third reading, the bill will now go to the House of Commons for consideration of Lords amendments.

Lords report stage: Wednesday 27 June

Members discussed the protection of vulnerable customers, including those already benefiting from a tariff cap, the modification of standard supply licences and the termination of tariff cap conditions.

There was one division (vote) on a proposed change (amendments) to the bill.

Members discussed the insertion of a new clause regarding the on-going condition that electricity and gas supplies will always operate fairly and proportionately between customers and tariffs.

193 members were in favour of this amendment, with 192 against, and so the change was made.

Lords committee stage: Monday 11 June

The committee stage of this bill took place in Grand Committee, a room outside the Lords chamber. In Grand Committee, any member can take part and decisions on amendments can be made, but no votes can take place.

Members discussed a range of subjects, including communications between supply licence holders and domestic customers, the needs of vulnerable or disabled customers and a government review of the context surrounding the introduction of tariff cap conditions.

Lords second reading: Tuesday 22 May

Members discussed a number of subjects covered by the bill, including protection for consumers, the nationwide rollout of smart meters and plans for a government review following the tariff's end date of December 2020.

Domestic Gas and Electricity (Tariff Cap) Bill summary

This bill will aim to create a temporary price cap on certain energy tariffs for domestic customers in Great Britain.

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