MPs debate EU citizenship and the Armed Forces Covenant

07 March 2018

MPs debated European Union citizenship in the House of Commons on Wednesday 7 March. The debate was the first of two to take place on subjects chosen by Opposition parties. The second of the day's debates was on the Armed Forces Covenant in Northern Ireland.

European Union citizenship

The first debate was put forward by Plaid Cymru and was on European Union citizenship.

The motion under debate was:

"That this House supports the maintenance of European Union citizenship rights for Welsh, Scottish, Northern Irish and English citizens; notes that the range of rights and protections afforded to individuals as European Union citizens are integral to a person’s European identity; further notes that many of those rights are closely linked to the UK’s membership of the Single Market; and calls on the UK Government to ensure that the UK’s membership of the Single Market and UK citizens’ right to European Union citizenship are retained in the event that the UK leaves the EU."

The Armed Forces Covenant in Northern Ireland

The second of the day's Opposition debates, put forward by the Democratic Unionist Party, was on the Armed Forces Covenant in Northern Ireland.

The motion debated was:

"This House recognises the valuable contribution made by men and women from Northern Ireland to our armed forces, including some of the best recruited Reserve Units in the UK and reaffirms its commitment to ensure that the Armed Forces Covenant is fully implemented in Northern Ireland."

Related information

About Opposition day debates

Opposition days are days allocated in the House of Commons in each session for the discussion of subjects chosen by the Opposition.
Seventeen days are at the disposal of the Leader of the Opposition, the leader of the largest opposition party, to decide which matters are debated. Three days are usually divided between the other opposition parties.

The Opposition generally use them to raise questions of policy and administration. Frequently, two separate subjects are debated on an opposition day.

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