Lord Speaker hosts the Richard Dimbleby Lecture

07 June 2018

100 years on from votes for women and 60 years of life peers, Jeanette Winterson delivers the 2018 Richard Dimbleby Lecture in Parliament on women’s equality.

The Lord Speaker, Lord Fowler, welcomes speaker Jeanette Winterson and chair, David Dimbleby, to the House of Lords for the 2018 BBC Richard Dimbleby Lecture on the theme of women’s equality.

This year marks the anniversary of two milestones for Parliament: 100 years since it passed a law allowing women to vote and 60 years since the Life Peerages Act 1958 received Royal Assent, allowing women to sit in the Lords.

Award-winning writer and author Jeanette Winterson OBE delivers the lecture in the Robing Room, becoming the 42nd speaker of the annual lecture given in honour of British broadcaster, Richard Dimbleby.

Jeanette Winterson asks what we can learn from the Suffragette movement of a century ago and examines the longevity of recent global campaigns promoting the equality of women.

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Image: copyright House of Lords 2018 / photography by Roger Harris


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