Bercow urges youngsters: Find a job you know you will enjoy

04 June 2018

Do you love your job? Have you seen the Queen? How many rooms are there in the Houses of Parliament? Do all the MPs sleep in Downing Street?

These were among the many questions the Speaker faced during a visit to St Andrew’s Church of England Primary School, in Stockwell, South London.

More than 90 seven to nine-year-olds quizzed John Bercow about every aspect of his work, during a two-hour visit to boost their understanding of British democracy and its history.

The Speaker told pupils that he had served under three prime ministers - Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Theresa May - during his nine-year tenure.

He explained that while he is the “referee” in the Commons, a highlight of his role has been hosting visiting dignitaries, such as former US President Barack Obama.

While he is on mission to attract more women and black, Asian and minority ethnic people to positions of leadership in Parliament, he is also trying to spread the word about the workings of Westminster during visits to schools, colleges and universities, he said.

He encouraged the children to think about what they want to do for a living in the future – and to make sure it is something that gives them great joy.

“I feel very lucky I do something that I love,” he told them.

After the question and answer session, Mr Bercow visited teacher Lucy Chambers Harding’s class of Year 4 pupils, who showed him their own versions of the Magna Carta, a manifesto, and their work on the Suffragettes.

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