Lords examines Non-Domestic Rating (Nursery Grounds) Bill

11 October 2018

The Non-Domestic Rating (Nursery Grounds) Bill had its committee stage, the first chance for line-by-line scrutiny, in the Lords on Wednesday 10 October.

As no changes were suggested to the bill, a motion was agreed to that both committee and report stages be dispensed with and that the bill progress directly to third reading. This procedure is known as ‘order of commitment discharged’.

Third reading, a chance to 'tidy up' the bill and make changes, is yet to be scheduled.

Lords second reading: Tuesday 24 July

Members discussed the exemption from business rates for nursery grounds solely consisting of buildings and the definition of 'nursery grounds'.

Lord Bourne of Aberystwyth (Conservative), parliamentary under-secretary in the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, responded on behalf of the government.

Non-Domestic Rating (Nursery Grounds) Bill summary

This bill will provide for buildings which are part of a plant nursery ground to be exempt from non-domestic rates, so long as they are used solely for agricultural activities.

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