Northern Ireland Budget (No.2) Bill: Commons stages

09 July 2018

MPs debated all stages of the Northern Ireland Budget (No.2) Bill in the House of Commons on Monday 9 July 2018.

All stages

As the Northern Ireland Budget (No.2) Bill is emergency Northern Ireland legislation, all remaining stages were considered on Monday 9 July 2018. Second reading stage for the Bill was passed without a division, no amendments were made to the Bill at Committee stage, and Third reading passed without a division. 

The Northern Ireland Budget (No.2) Bill 2017-19

Summary of the Bill

The Bill provides for a similar procedure to the supplementary estimates presented annually to Parliament. It seeks Parliamentary approval for certain sums to be issued out of the Consolidated Fund of Northern Ireland for the year ending 31 March 2019. The Northern Ireland Budget (No. 2) Bill authorises the use of resources and issues cash to Northern Ireland departments and other public bodies. In the absence of the Northern Ireland Assembly, the Bill therefore sets a Budget for Northern Ireland.

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House of Commons Library analysis

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The Library published a briefing paper for the Northern Ireland Budget (No.2) Bill.

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