Five short debates in the Lords

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19 January 2018

On Thursday 18 January there were five short debates. These took place in the Moses Room, a room outside the Lords chamber used to carry out extra work. Any member was able to attend and participate, as with debates in the Lords chamber. Topics covered included the 70th anniversary of the arrival of MV Empire Windrush and the provision of dental care for children.


Foreign language teaching

This debate was proposed by Baroness Coussins (Crossbench), president of the Speak to the Future campaign group. The debate looked at the assessment the government has made of modern foreign language teaching in schools and universities, and the impact of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU on the sustainability of that teaching

Defence review

This debate was proposed by Lord Sterling of Plaistow (Conservative), Honorary Rear Admiral in the Royal Navy.  This debate discussed whether the government intends to conduct a full defence review, in the light of the capability of the Armed forces to meet global defence needs.

Dental care for children

This debate was proposed by Baroness Gardner of Parkes (Conservative), former vice chair, North East Thames Regional Health Authority. The debate considered what action the government is taking to ensure children receive regular dental examinations and any necessary treatment.

Windrush Anniversary

This debate was proposed by Baroness Berridge (Conservative), vice chair, All Parliamentary Group for the Protection of Cultural Heritage. This debate looked at plans to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the arrival of MV Empire Windrush.

Funding for elite sports programmes

This debate was proposed by Lord Addington (Liberal Democrat), vice president, UK Sports Association. The debate considered reviewing guidance given to UK Sport about which sports are to receive funding for elite programmes.

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