Lords debates Restoration and Renewal of the Palace of Westminster

View of Palace of Westmister from river side
07 February 2018

Members of the Lords, including the Leader of the House of Lords and the convenor of the Crossbench peers, debated Restoration and Renewal of the Palace of Westminster, in the House of Lords on Tuesday 6 February.

Baroness Evans of Bowes Park (Conservative), Leader of the House of Lords, proposed a motion for debate that asks the House of Lords to agree with the House of Commons decision on Restoration and Renewal on 31 January including a full and timely decant of the Palace.

Lord Naseby (Conservative) proposed an amendment to the motion which calls for a more thorough evaluation of the options available for a phased programme of renewal.  The motion was withdrawn and there was no division (vote).

Members who took part included the other main party leaders in the Lords and the Crossbench convenor:

About Restoration and Renewal

The Palace of Westminster Restoration and Renewal Programme has been established to tackle the significant work that needs to be done to protect and preserve the heritage of the Palace of Westminster and ensure it can continue to serve as home to the UK Parliament in the 21st century.

Further information

Image: House of Lords 2017 / Photography by Roger Harris

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