October 2017

Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill: Commons consideration of Lords amendments

MPs debated Lords amendments to the Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill

Data Protection Bill returns to the Lords

Magnifying glass highlighting the word information

Processing of personal data for the purposes of journalism under spotlight

Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering Bill returns to the Lords

Money on a clothes line

Lords discussed gross violations of human rights

Commons Nuclear Safeguards Bill

MPs consider Lords Amendments

Smart Meters Bill: Commons remaining stages

The Commons examines the Smart Meters Bill

More october 2017

Title Date
Armed Forces (Flexible Working) Bill: Commons Remaining Stages 29.01.2018
Telecommunications Infrastructure (Relief from Non-Domestic Rates) Bill: Lords third reading 07.12.2017
European Union (Approvals) Bill: Lords third reading 28.11.2017
Lords debates 'A Manifesto to Strengthen Families' 03.11.2017
Lords debates opportunities for agriculture and fisheries 03.11.2017
MPs debate Armed Forces pay and Exiting the EU 01.11.2017