Winning candidates for select committee chairs announced

12 July 2017

The full list of elected committee chairs for the new Parliament has been announced by the Speaker, the Rt Hon John Bercow. All successful candidates are listed below.

The announcement concludes the process for electing most of the select committee chairs, which takes place at the start of each new Parliament. This includes 19 departmental select committees and a selection of other committees elected under Standing Order Number 122B. The chair of the Backbench Business Committee is elected separately, under Standing Order 122D.

In total, 54 nominations were received for 27 select committees. Eleven chair positions were contested through elections. No election was necessary for seventeen committees for which a single nomination was received.

The full breakdown of voting in each ballot, indicating the redistribution of votes through each round of voting (PDF PDF 20 KB)

Contested elections

The ballot was conducted by secret ballot and counted using the Alternative Vote system. In total, 587 ballots were cast.

The successful candidates are:

And, elected under Standing Order 122D:

Committees where no election is necessary (for which a single nomination was received)

Departmental committees:

Other specified select committees:

The successful candidates will take up their position as Chair of the committee when the remaining members of the committee have been appointed by the House.

Further details for each position of Chair, including nominations and supporting statements, are available on individual committee pages.

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