Lords debates UK departure from Euratom

21 July 2017

Members of the Lords, including the chair of the advisory committee of Tokamak Energy Ltd and a former member of the National Patient Safety Agency, debated the government's intention to leave Euratom and how they intend to ensure the continued uninterrupted cross-border supply of nuclear materials, including for medical use, post-Brexit, in the House of Lords on Thursday 20 July.

This was a question for short debate. They normally take place on a Thursday in the chamber. During debates, members are able to put their experience to good use, discussing current issues and drawing the government's attention to concerns.

The debate was proposed by Lord Teverson (Liberal Democrat), former managing director of supply chain consultancy Rationale Ltd.

Members taking part included:

Lord Prior of Brampton (Conservative), parliamentary under-secretary of state in the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy,  responded on behalf of the government.

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