Lords debates Space Industry Bill

16 October 2017

The Space Industry Bill will have its committee stage, the first chance for line by line scrutiny, in the House of Lords on Monday 16 October.

Lords committee stage: Monday 16 October

Members are expected to discuss subjects including the potential impact of leaving the EU on the UK space industry, the economic effects of the bill, and the duties of the space industry regulator.

Committee stage is expected to continue on Wednesday 18 October.

Lords second reading: Thursday 13 July

Members discussed the key points raised by the bill, including the UK’s membership of the European Space Agency, the use of Scottish locations for proposed UK spaceports and the need for international funding and collaboration.

Members also raised a number of questions on issues including the private and foreign ownership of civilian spaceflight operations, the impact of Brexit, obligations for environmental assessments and the timetable, framework and safety regulations required for a globally competitive UK space industry.

Committee stage, the first chance to amend the bill and make changes, will begin on Monday 16 October.

Space Industry Bill summary

This bill will aim to:

  • define the law around space activities and suborbital activities
  • provide for the creation of a regulatory framework to enable commercial spaceflight from UK spaceports

Further information

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