House of Lords back to business

The Victoria Tower, Palace of Westminster
07 October 2016

Coming up in the Lords

The House of Lords returns to business on Monday 10 October. Catch up on the latest legislation news and updates on the work of Lords committees.

Monday 10 October

Tuesday 11 October

Wednesday 12 October

Lords committee news

The following committees are holding sessions during the week:

Monday 10 October

Tuesday 11 October

Wednesday 12 October

Thursday 13 October

Chamber debates

On Thursday 13 October there will be three debates in the House of Lords chamber:

  • Government proposals for the extension of grammar schools and selection in education - Baroness Andrews
  • Cultural, civic and educational significance of local libraries and independent bookshops in the UK - Lord Bird
  • Revival of the Middle East process - Lord Dykes

 Keep up to date with the work of the Lords

Image: House of Lords 2016 / Roger Harris

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