Magna Carta resource wins MEDEA Award

15 March 2016

The Magna Carta education resource developed for the “Parliament in the Making” programme has won the Jury's Special Prize at the MEDEA Awards in Brussels.

The prize is awarded in recognition of exceptional innovation in pedagogic or technical design. The resource was the result of collaboration by The National Archives and Parliament to deliver an online educational resource taking students on a journey from 1215 – 1297.

The Magna Carta education resource

The resource comprises a selection of digitised documents, including the Magna Carta itself, which have been digitised for the first time. Students can focus on the issues that were being discussed in the 13th century – the relationship between the king and his barons; the relationship between Magna Carta, war and taxation; and the intervention of the Pope and the emergence of parliament as a fundamental part of political life. Each of the documents has an accompanying transcript and simplified version of what the document contains as well as audio files.

Designed to support secondary school students in their study of medieval history, the resource complements the new National Curriculum and exam syllabuses.

About the MEDEA Awards

The aim of the MEDEA Awards is to encourage innovation and good practice in the use of media (audio, video, graphics and animation) in education. The awards also recognise and promote excellence in the production and pedagogical design of media-rich learning resources.

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