Lords debates women's empowerment and representation

08 March 2016

Members of the Lords, including a Fawcett Society Commission chairperson and a co-chair of Women in Public Policy, debated the progress made in the UK in the areas of women’s representation and empowerment 150 years after the 1866 petition to the House of Commons for women’s suffrage, on Monday 7 March.

Members of the Lords discussed a range of subjects to mark International Women’s Day. These included the history of the campaign for universal suffrage, ways to broaden women’s career choices (for example science, technology, engineering and mathematics sectors) and the gender pay gap.

During the debate, two members made their first contributions to the work of the House: the first female bishop to sit in the Lords, the Bishop of Gloucester and Baroness Mone (Conservative).

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Image: House of Lords 2016/Roger Harris

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