Broadcasting in Central Lobby

23 March 2016

On Wednesday 23 March a broadcaster was asked to temporarily stop filming in Central Lobby, as filming rules were not being followed.

Broadcasting is allowed in Central Lobby and takes place on a regular basis. Broadcasters can conduct interviews with MPs or comment on business taking place in the House that day.

On Wednesday 23 March, a pre-organised lobby took place in Central Lobby. There is no rule against broadcasting when a lobby is taking place, but broadcasts must be related to debates taking place in the Chamber on that day. The broadcaster was reminded of the regulations and no further action was necessary.

Filming and photography rules

The House of  Commons Administration Committee and House of Lords Administration and Works Committee set the rules around filming and photography in Parliament. These rules are implemented by the Serjeant at Arms and Black Rod. Filming and photography in Central Lobby is only allowed with prior permission. Anyone observed to be taking photos or filming without prior permission will be asked to stop.

Lobbying Parliament

Central Lobby is a place where MPs can meet constituents for meetings, and provides a place for individuals or groups to lobby Parliament and make their case for a particular policy or cause. The Serjeant at Arms and Black Rod offer advice to groups wishing to lobby on how they can successfully organise their event around the business of Parliament.  

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