Lords private members' bills

25 February 2016

The House of Lords considered four private members' bills on Friday 26 February. The bills cover NHS charities, the Criminal Cases Review Commission, riot compensation claims and access to innovative medical treatments.

A private member's bill is a type of public bill (that affects the public). Private members' bills must go through the same set of procedures as other public bills.

NHS (Charitable Trusts Etc) Bill

A bill to move towards greater independence for NHS charities and transfer the royalty rights for Peter Pan publications and performances to the new Great Ormond Street charity.

Find out more about the NHS (Charitable Trusts Etc) Bill

Criminal Cases Review Commission (Information) Bill

A bill to extend the Criminal Cases Review Commission’s powers to obtain documents and other material so that they can acquire them from a person who is not employed by or serving in a public body.

Find out more about the Criminal Cases Review Commission (Information) Bill

Riot Compensation Bill

A bill to repeal the Riot (Damages) Act 1886 and create a new scheme allowing compensation to be claimed for property damaged, destroyed or stolen in the course of a riot.

Find out more about the Riot Compensation Bill

Access to Medical Treatments (Innovation) Bill

A bill to promote access to innovative medical treatments including the off-label use of medicines and the use of unlicensed medicines, and to provide for the establishment of an accessible database of innovative medical treatments.

Find out more about the Access to Medical Treatments (Innovation) Bill

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