New Clerk of the Parliaments

Edward Ollard, the Clerk of the Parliaments
24 April 2016

Edward Ollard succeeds Sir David Beamish as the Clerk of the Parliaments on Monday 24 April 2017, becoming the 64th holder of the office.

The Clerk of the Parliaments is the most senior official in the House of Lords. He is head of the House of Lords Administration and the chief procedural adviser.

History of the role

The role of Clerk of the Parliaments has a long history dating back to the late 13th century. The job title is thought to reflect the fact that in the Middle Ages there was sometimes quite a gap between one meeting of Parliament and another – clerks serving successive Parliaments provided an element of continuity. Today the responsibilities of the Clerk of the Parliaments relate to the administration and management of the House of Lords.

Further information

Image: House of Lords 2016 / Photography by Roger Harris

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