Lords debates climate change

30 October 2015

Members of the Lords, including the former president of the National Society for Clean Air and the former chairman of the National Environment Research Council, debated the case for action on global climate change and in particular its impact on the urban environment in the UK, on Thursday 29 October.

Members discussed the efforts of the UK government and population to reduce greenhouse gases, and how the government will work with other countries at the UN Paris climate meeting in December to meet climate change goals.

Peers highlighted concerns around air pollution in urban areas, increased levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and rising temperatures and sea levels worldwide. Members also spoke about how people could make lifestyle changes to reduce energy use, and the impact of breakthroughs in energy use and production, such as wind and solar power, more efficient buildings and renewable energy.

The debate was proposed by Lord Hunt of Chesterton (Labour), former president of the National Society for Clean Air and former chief executive of the Met Office. Speakers expected to contribute include:

  • Lord Borwick (Conservative), trustee of the British Lung Foundation
  • Lord Judd (Labour), former member of the World Health Organization Task Force on Health and Development
  • Lord Krebs (Crossbench), former chairman of the National Environment Research Council
  • Lord Teverson (Liberal Democrat), chair of the Rural Coalition

Lord Bourne of Aberystwyth (Conservative), parliamentary under-secretary for the Department of Energy and Climate Change, will respond on behalf of the government.

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