Lord Speaker visits Chester

20 November 2015

On Thursday 26 and Friday 27 November, the Lord Speaker, Baroness D’Souza, will be visiting Chester, where she will give a talk to members of Chester Zoo and meet with local school children, as well as talking to law students about the legislative process.

How does the Lords address conservation issues?

To tie in with Parliament Week 2015, Baroness D'Souza will deliver a speech to members and staff at Chester Zoo on Thursday 26 November, to talk about conservation and environmental issues, and how the work of the House of Lords addresses these issues. The event will conclude with an open Q&A session.

Peers in Schools

Baroness D'Souza will visit Upton-by-Chester High School in Chester on the morning of Friday 27 November, as part of her Peers in Schools programme. She will speak to staff and students at the school about her role as Lord Speaker, and the work of the House of Lords, to encourage the students to take an interest in politics and the democratic process.

University of Law

On the afternoon of Friday 27 November, Baroness D'Souza will address law students at the University of Law in Chester.  She will talk to students and staff about the legislative process, and in particular the role played by the House of Lords in scrutinising and revising draft laws. The speech will be followed by a Q&A session and audience discussion, after which Baroness D’Souza will meet and greet the event’s attendees.

Speaking ahead of her visit to Chester, the Lord Speaker said:

‘I’m delighted to be visiting Chester later this week, having visited Liverpool around this time last year.

‘The House of Lords has a particularly strong story to tell when it comes to conservation, science and the environment, and although a large part of my role is presiding over business in the chamber, another equally important aspect of my job is to explain the work and relevance of the House to people who may not know much about what it does.

‘My Peers in Schools initiative is part of our wider House of Lords outreach programme, which raises awareness of the House of Lords, and I hope my visit to Upton-by-Chester High School will encourage students there to learn more about politics and Parliament.

‘I hope to use my visit to remind everyone of the role of the House of Lords in the scrutiny of laws, which can have a direct relevance to people all over the country, and I am looking forward to discussing the legislative process in the Lords with law students who should already have a good idea of how things work. I am anticipating a lively, informed and enjoyable discussion to round off what I am sure will be an interesting and rewarding couple of days.’

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