MPs elect Deputy Speakers

03 June 2015

The results of the Deputy Speakers election for the 2015 Parliament were announced in the Commons Chamber by the Speaker on Wednesday 3 June 2015.

The following candidates have been elected Deputy Speakers:

Breakdown of results

The breakdown of election results shows details of the votes cast for each candidate at each stage of the count.

The left hand column lists all 3 candidates, the side of the House they come from, and their gender. The next column shows the number of first-preference votes for each candidate.

A total of a total of 432 valid votes were cast. There was 1 invalid ballot paper.

Once elected, Deputy Speakers remain in office until the next general election, unless they resign or otherwise cease to be an MP.

How are Deputy Speakers elected?

Deputy Speakers are elected using the single transferable vote system.

The votes are allocated so as to ensure that two of the Deputy Speakers are from the opposite side of the House than that from which the Speaker was drawn. Of these, the candidate with the larger number of votes will become the Chairman of Ways and Means, the other the Second Deputy Chairman of Ways and Means. The third successful candidate will be from the same side of the House as the Speaker and will be the First Deputy Chairman of Ways and Means.

The votes must also be allocated so as to ensure that, across the four posts of the Speaker and his Deputies, there will be at least one man and at least one woman.

Find out more about the ballot for the election of Deputy Speakers.

Further information

House of Commons Library paper

The House of Commons Library produces briefing papers to inform MPs of key issues. The papers contain factual information and a range of opinions on each subject, and aim to be politically impartial.

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