Lord Speaker visits Brighton

30 January 2015

The Lord Speaker, Baroness D’Souza, visited St Luke’s Prestonville, and Brighton College, on Thursday 29 January, to speak about the work of the House, the role of the Lord Speaker and how people can become more engaged with the political process.

Consumer affairs

The Lord Speaker first chaired a round table discussion on consumer affairs issues at St Luke’s Church. St Luke’s runs a debt advice service, and attendees were all members of local organisations with an interest in consumer affairs issues.

The event, hosted by the Bishop of Lewes, Richard Jackson, helped attendees to understand how the House of Lords works, the experience and expertise in the House on issues such as consumer rights, debt advice, business regulations, trading regulations and competition law, and how they can engage with members of the Lords on campaigns around these issues.

The work of the House of Lords

Later in the day, the Lord Speaker gave a lecture at Brighton College, speaking to staff, students, parents and governors about her role, the work of the House of Lords, and encouraging students to take an interest in politics and the democratic process.

Speaking ahead of the visit, Baroness D'Souza said:

'I welcome the opportunity to help people understand how they can better engage with Members of the House on issues that are close to their heart, particularly in a year when we have had some passionate debates in the Chamber on issues such as payday loans.

'And as well as the opportunity to talk to the group at St Luke’s Church, I am looking forward especially to speaking to the young people in Brighton College about the Lords, and to remind them that there are two Houses of Parliament. Encouraging engagement, interest and participation in democracy is what my Peers in Schools programme is all about, and I hope to use my visit to remind everyone of the importance of Parliament to the scrutiny of laws, which can have a direct relevance to people all over the country.'

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