New Member of Parliament for Oldham West and Royton

04 December 2015

Jim McMahon of the Labour Party has become Member of Parliament for Oldham West and Royton after winning the by-election held in that constituency on 3 December 2015.

Oldham West and Royton by-election

The by-election was called following the death of the former MP, Michael Meacher.

By-election results

The results of the Oldham West and Royton constituency Parliamentary by-election were as follows:

  • Jim McMahon - Labour - 17,209
  • John Joseph Bickley - UK Independence Party - 6,487
  • James Barry Daly - Conservative - 2,596
  • Jane Brophy - Liberal Democrats - 1,024
  • Simeon Hart - Green Party - 249
  • Sir Oink A-Lot - The Official Monster Raving Loony Party - 141

Oldham Council: Oldham West and Royton Parliamentary By-election Results

Image:  PA

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