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07 January 2016

The House of Lords returns from recess on 11 January. Catch up on the latest legislation news and updates on the work of Lords committees.

Coming up next week in the Lords

Monday 11 January:

  • Trade Union Bill – second reading

Tuesday 12 January:

  • Cities and Local Government Devolution Bill – consideration of Commons amendments
  • Welfare Reform and Work Bill - committee stage, day five

Wednesday 13 January:

  • Debate on the Strathclyde Review: Secondary legislation and the primacy of the House of Commons

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Other legislation currently in progress includes:

Bank of England and Financial Services Bill

A bill that will affect the Bank of England, covering issues such as regulation of financial services and issue of banknotes.

Report stage in the Lords concluded on 15 December. Third reading is yet to be scheduled.

Education and Adoption Bill

The bill covers schools in England that are causing concern, including provision about their conversion into Academies and about intervention powers. It also covers joint arrangements for carrying out local authority adoption functions in England.

The bill completed report stage in the Lords on 16 December. Third reading is yet to be scheduled.

Enterprise Bill

The bill includes measures to promote enterprise and economic growth, and restricting exit payments in relation to public sector employment.

Third reading in the Lords was on 15 December and the bill now goes to the Commons for consideration of Lords amendments.

Immigration Bill

The Immigration Bill will define the law around immigration and asylum.

Members of the Lords debated the main purpose and key principles of the bill on 22 December. Committee stage is scheduled for 18 January.

Scotland Bill

The bill amends the Scotland Act 1998, and defines powers and responsibilities of Scottish ministers.

The bill began committee stage in the Lords on 8 December. Committee stage continues on 19 January.

Welfare Reform and Work Bill

The bill includes measures on employment, welfare, social mobility, the benefit cap and social housing.

Committee stage in the Lords continues on 12 January.

Lords committee news

The following Lords committees are set to hear from witnesses next week as their inquiries continue.

Tuesday 12 January

  • Science and Technology Committee: Relationship between EU Membership and the Effectiveness of UK Science
  • EU Committee: Visions of EU reform
  • Economic Affairs Committee: Economics of the United Kingdom Housing Market

Wednesday 13 January

  • EU Financial Affairs Committee: Completing Europe's Economic and Monetary Union
  • Constitution Committee: The Union and devolution
  • EU Energy and Environment Committee: Responding to price volatility: creating a more resilient agricultural sector
  • EU Committee: Visions of EU reform

A number of Lords committees recently published reports:

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