Lords debates National Lottery

27 November 2014

Members of the Lords debated the impact of the National Lottery in the United Kingdom on its 20th anniversary, on 27 November.

Members highlighted the difference the National Lottery has made to communities in the UK since its inception. In particular, they spoke about the financial contributions the National Lottery has made to UK athletes, contributing to the success of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Members also expressed caution about ‘society lotteries’ taking money away from the ‘central pillar of funding’ built from the National Lottery.

Lord Gardiner of Kimble (Conservative), government spokesperson, Department for Culture, Media and Sport, said the National Lottery has recently awarded money to more than 1,000 centenary of the First World War projects. He said the government agree with the sense of caution surrounding ‘society lotteries’, and will be issuing a call for evidence on these lotteries, which will explore how they can continue in a way that does not put the National Lottery at risk. He stated the government will work to ensure the continued success of the National Lottery.


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