Mr Speaker addresses Oxford Union

06 March 2014

The Speaker of the House of Commons, the Rt Hon John Bercow MP, addressed the Oxford Union on Wednesday 5 March 2014, on the subject of ‘The Inside track on being Speaker of the House of Commons’.

In his speech, Mr Bercow discussed the role of the Speaker, refered to the importance of voters and MPs talking and listen to each other and urge students to use their vote in every election.

'Students today live with modern technology. No doubt some of you use an iPad in lectures, most of you are on Facebook or use Twitter or WhatsApp. Just as the digital revolution has changed the way you access information and talk to each other, so to it is changing British democracy.

‘We should want our globally-admired Parliament to be ahead of the curve in this territory. For representative democracy to thrive, it has to evolve. Indeed, I am a passionate advocate of the need for our democracy to evolve in step with advancing technology. Tonight, I challenge you to consider the character of our democracy in the future and ask you to participate in my new Digital Democracy Commission.’

Digital Democracy Commission

Members of the Digital Democracy Commission include Doctor Cristina Leston-Bandeira, Robert Halfon MP, Helen Milner, Paul Kane and Meg Hillier MP.
The objective of the Speaker’s Commission on Digital Democracy is to consider and make recommendations on how parliamentary democracy in the United Kingdom can embrace the digital revolution, to become more effective in:

  • representing the people
  • making laws
  • scrutinising the work and performance of government
  • encouraging citizens to engage with democracy
  • facilitating dialogue amongst citizens

Any comments or ideas please email the Digital Democracy Commission.

Image: PA

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