Lords debates water cannon

13 February 2014

Members of the Lords asked the government what plans it has to license the use of water cannon in the UK, on Wednesday 12 February

Lords discussed the planned adoption of water cannon by the London Metropolitan Police (MET). Peers questioned the motives behind the adoption of water cannon, highlighting concerns around the limitations of their use, and whether they are suited to the sort of disorder the MET faces. They also raised concerns around whether innocent people could be affected if water cannon are deployed.

The government response outlined some of the benefits of water cannon in dealing with serious disorder, and detailed the formal process that has to take place before the use of water cannon can be approved. This process includes the submission of operational, technical and medical information on the likely impact of water cannon by the police.

This was a question for short debate (QSD), which was limited to one hour, and took place in the chamber. Through QSDs members are able to discuss current issues and draw the government's attention to concerns.

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