Peers consider arts and cultural organisations

13 February 2014

Members of the House of Lords asked the government how it plans to help arts and cultural organisations to thrive in the current financial landscape, on Wednesday 12 February.

The debate identified two significant challenges facing arts and cultural organisations in the UK: a decreased emphasis on arts education in schools, and funding difficulties at local authority level. Members spoke of the need for a vibrant arts sector, and questioned whether more could be done to support innovative and entrepreneurial ideas in the current economic climate.

The problem of measuring artistic and cultural contributions in terms of their economic impact, resulting in a bias towards certain mediums, institutions and locations was also raised. Several members called for more to be done to address the current shortfall of funding in the regions. 

This was a question for short debate (QSD), which is limited to one hour, and took place in the chamber. Through QSDs members are able to discuss current issues and draw the government's attention to concerns.

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