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Lords debates sport

4 December 2014 (updated on 4 December 2014)

Image of UK Parliament portcullis

Members of the Lords debated the governance of sport, both nationally and internationally, on 4 December.

Members highlighted the need for good governance in sport. In particular, they spoke about tougher anti-doping rules and the threat of match-fixing and ticket touting, with the requirement of more clear and concise rules to combat these threats. Members also expressed the need for better diversity and inclusion in sport, and the importance of volunteers to provide more support at grassroots level.

Lord Gardiner of Kimble (Conservative), government spokesperson for the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, said the government clearly has a key role to fulfil in this area. He stated ‘the Council of Europe has created a legally binding convention on the manipulation of sports competition’, and the UK supports the EU principles of good governance in sport. He said we must seek high standards of governance in sport, both at home and abroad.


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