Lords debates affordable housing

01 November 2013

Members of the Lords discussed the availability of affordable housing in the United Kingdom and the impact of the under-occupancy charge, on Thursday 31 October.

The debate centred on the effects of the under-occupancy charge, or 'bedroom tax', since its introduction six months ago. Members drew attention to the mismatch between types of accommodation available in different geographical areas and the difficulty of achieving the stated policy objective of addressing overcrowding by tackling under-occupancy.

Members also considered the impact of the under-occupancy charge within the broader housing and economic context. The problem of a shortage of alternative accommodation for those willing to downsize was discussed. 

There were calls for better regulation of the private rental sector at a time when the cost of private rents are soaring, and the responsibility of councils and planners to ensure new housing developments include a set minimum of affordable homes was also raised.

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