Lords debates broadcasting and UK economy

29 November 2013

Members of the Lords including high-profile broadcasters, a former director general of the BBC and a film director shared their views in a debate on the contribution of broadcast media to the UK economy, in the House of Lords on Thursday 28 November.

Members spoke of the reach of television and radio and its role in national life, covering high-profile national events and bringing drama and entertainment into people's homes. They praised the high quality output of UK broadcasters and said that it was an important UK export - UK TV content sales are second only to the USA's - and pin pointed the growing opportunities for sales in countries like India and China. Inward investment opportunities were mentioned, and tax relief for foreign production companies filming in the UK.

Public service and commercial broadcasters, across TV and radio, employ a range of highly skilled people and members raised various apprenticeship schemes run by broadcasters to support the specialist skills required by the sector.

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