Lords hosts Association of European Senates

13 June 2013

The Lord Speaker chaired a discussion on ‘senates and the use of social media’ at the 15th meeting of the Association of European Senates (AES), at the House of Lords on 14 June.

Speakers of the upper chambers of 16 countries ateended the conference, which also included a session on the ‘relationships between upper and lower chambers’.

The Lord Speaker gave an overview of the House of Lords’ social media channels, and asked attendees how they have used social media to communicate with and explain their role to the public. She also discussed issues such as balancing political neutrality with the need to engage and how social media should be resourced.

Updates and insights from the day were tagged with the #AES2013 hashtag on Twitter.

About the AES

The AES brings together upper chambers from across Europe. Its objectives are to develop relationships between members, promote bicameralism within the framework of parliamentary democracy and strengthen European identity and awareness.

The Association was founded on 8 November 2000 in Paris. 15 European parliaments are members of the Association, along with Luxembourg, with observer status, attending as a 16th member. Membership is open to any country in geographical Europe which boasts a bicameral parliament and is not restricted to countries in the European Union.

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