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19 July 2013

The House of Lords had its first chance to debate the key principles and purpose of three private members' bills on Friday 19 July, covering littering and a statutory pardon for Alan Turing.

A private members' bill is a type of public bill (that affects the public). Private members' bills must go through the same set of procedures as other public bills. These three private members' bills were first introduced in the House of Lords.

Littering from Vehicles Bill

Peers debated the three key changes to the law proposed in the bill – the introduction of a civil penalty for littering from vehicles, automatic penalties for the registered keeper of a vehicle litter has been thrown from, and a requirement for local authorities to publish details of the contracts they give relating to litter clearance. Lords welcomed the bill but highlighted whether making littering from vehicles a civil rather than criminal penalty would send a strong enough message.

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Alan Turing (Statutory Pardon) Bill

This bill will give a statutory pardon to Alan Turing who was convicted for homosexuality on 31 March 1952 under Section 11 of the Criminal Law Amendment Act 1885.

The plans to grant Alan Turing a pardon received widespread support as Lords spoke of his background, including his work in cracking the Enigma code in World War Two, and his influence on the development of modern computers.

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Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment (Amendment) Bill

This bill will raise the penalty for littering offences, and require local authorities to provide appropriate and convenient litter disposal points for the entrances to public buildings. Peers debated whether increased fines should be put in place for dropped chewing gum and cigarette butts, and if a fine should be introduced for dog fouling.

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