New Lords video resource for teachers

15 July 2013

A ‘day in the life’ of the House of Lords is explored in three new videos for students aged 14 and up. Launched by Parliament’s Education Service, they look at the everyday life of a peer (who), the passage of a bill (how) and the House itself (what)

In the three videos we are shown how the Lords and the Commons work together to make a bill law, peers give a real-life tour of the House of Lords - giving students an insight into how they use the space in their daily work - and the Lord Speaker, Baroness D’Souza, talks us through a typical day at work.

The videos are currently live on the Lords YouTube channel and the Education Service website:

  • A day in the life: How the Lords works with the Commons to make a bill law
  • A day in the life: Who is the Lord Speaker
  • A day in the life: What the Lords does

The videos complement the range of existing animation resources which aim to pose questions to students as well as answer them, and further young people’s information and guidance, enabling them to discover the House of Lords as it is today, how it was in the past and how it may develop in the future.

The videos and activities help those studying citizenship, history, politics and government, and also provide ways to develop a deeper understanding of the institution itself. They will further serve to develop critical thinking, public speaking and political literacy skills, among others.

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Image: Lord Inglewood in the Lords chamber. Parliamentary copyright.

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