Lords debates police service

06 December 2013

Members of the Lords, including a former commissioner of the Metropolitan Police and a former chair of the Lancashire Police Authority, discussed the role and responsibilities of the police service in the light of the report of the Independent Police Commission chaired by Lord Stevens of Kirkwhelpington (Crossbench), on Thursday 5 December

Peers discussed the report ‘Policing for a Better Britain’, and considered that while overall crime levels are falling, there are new types and modes of crime for the police to contend with, including e-crime and cyber-enabled crime, trafficking of people and goods, and terrorism.

Ways the police could better engage with communities and the public were discussed, including the report's recommendation to make police accountable to a new professional body which would register and accredit police officers.

Lords also looked at the role of the new police and crime commissioners and how whistleblowers in the police force are supported and protected. 

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