St Andrew’s Day – Symbols of Scotland in the Palace of Westminster

30 November 2012

To mark St Andrew’s Day on 30 November, the UK Parliament Flickr Channel explores images relating to Scotland and its patron saint in the Houses of Parliament

Saint Andrew was Christ’s first disciple and the brother of St Peter. He is said to have been martyred by crucifixion on an X-shaped cross or ‘saltire’. Andrew was adopted as Scotland’s patron saint from the 10th century and the symbol of the saltire became the country’s national flag.

The Palace of Westminster was constructed following the destruction of the old Houses of Parliament by fire in 1834. As the purpose-built home for the United Kingdom’s legislature it was decorated with many images and symbols relating to Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales.

See the UK Parliament Flickr Channel to explore a selection of these images relating to Scotland and its patron saint, chosen to mark St Andrew’s Day.

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Image: Parliamentary copyright

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