Lords debates claims management companies and regulation

30 May 2012

The House of Lords questioned the government on how they are ensuring that all UK-based claims management companies deliver services to a high standard yesterday (Tuesday 29 May).

Lord Kennedy of Southwark (Labour) opened the debate and said: 'It is right that I should say early in the debate that many in the claims management industry act responsibly... However, large numbers of those in the industry do not adhere to best practice and a few could even be described as rogues.' 

Baroness Scott of Needham Market (Liberal Democrat) followed and argued that the sector needs a 'robust regulatory framework'.  She said: '...real enforcement and bold public awareness about how to deal with claims management companies, right from that first call, through to the way they use personal data and then on to the substance of how they conduct their business.'

Other speakers included Baroness Sherlock (Labour) Financial Ombudsman Service board member and Lord Young of Norwood Green (Labour) opposition spokesperson for Business, Innovation and Skills.

Baroness Verma (Conservative) responded on behalf of the government as spokesperson for Business, Innovation and Skills.

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