George Galloway new MP for Bradford West

02 April 2012

George Galloway of the Respect Party has become Member of Parliament for Bradford West after winning the by-election held in that Constituency on 29 March 2012.

Bradford West

Bradford West was the seventh by-election held since the 2010 General Election. There were 8 candidates on the ballot paper.

The by-election was called after the former MP, Marsha Singh, vacated his seat.

By-election result

Turnout 50.9 per cent

George Galloway, Respect Party 18,341
Imran Hussain, Labour Party 8,201
Jackie Whiteley, Conservative Party 2,746
Jeanette Lynn Sunderland, Liberal Democrat Party 1,505
Sonja McNally, UK Independence Party 1,085
Dawud Islam, Green Party 481
Neil Craig, Democratic Nationalists 344
Howling Laud Hope, Monster Raving Looney Party 111

Image: PA

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