Urgent question on nuclear powered submarines

19 June 2012

Secretary of State for Defence, Philip Hammond, responded to an urgent question asked by Angus Robertson, Scottish National Party MP for Moray, in the House of Commons on Monday 18 June on the £1.1 billion Ministry of Defence nuclear submarine contract.

Nuclear-powered submarines

The Defence Secretary published a Written Ministerial Statement outlining the contract signed with Rolls-Royce Power Engineering which will build the Royal Navy's nuclear power plants for it's submarines. Further information can be found on the Ministry of Defence website.

Shadow Minister for Defence, Alison Seabeck, responded to the statement on behalf of the Opposition.

Watch and read the urgent question and the views expressed by MPs on Parliament TV and in Commons Hansard. Also find current parliamentary material on defence in the Topics and News sections.

Urgent questions

Urgent questions are asked at the end of Question Time. If something has happened, normally a matter of public importance, which an MP believes requires an immediate answer from a government minister, they may apply to the Speaker to ask an urgent question.

If the Speaker agrees, the question will be asked at the end of Question Time.

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