New members introduced into the House of Lords

25 June 2012

The Lord Bishop of Worcester and Ms Beeban Kidron OBE join the House of Lords this week.

New member: The Bishop of Worcester

The Right Reverend Dr John Inge joins the House of Lords today (Monday 25 June) and will be introduced as the Lord Bishop of Worcester. He is one of the 26 bishops allowed to sit in the House of Lords, known as Lords Spiritual.

Bishops read prayers at the start of each daily meeting in the House of Lords and take turns to be the 'duty bishop' for three weeks a year. As a member, they can also participate in chamber debates.

New member: Ms Beeban Kidron OBE

Ms Beeban Kidron, an award-winning film, TV and documentary director, will be introduced as a life peer Baroness on Tuesday 26 June.

She will sit as a non-party political crossbencher and has interests in women's issues and international development.

The introduction ceremony

The introduction ceremony must take place in the Lords chamber before most new members are able to take their seat in the House.

During the ceremony, new members either swear an oath or solemnly affirm their allegiance to the Queen. They also sign an undertaking to abide by the House of Lords Code of Conduct.

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