Lords debates the future of English cathedrals

28 June 2012

Members of the Lords, including the chair of English Heritage, will debate the future of English cathedrals today (Thursday 28 June)

Lord Cormack (Conservative), who tabled the debate, is vice-president of the Historic Churches Preservation Trust/National Churches Trust and a former member of the Ecclesiastical Committee. 

Speaking ahead of the debate, which he will open, Lord Cormack said: 'England’s cathedrals are among our very greatest public buildings, and include some of the finest cathedrals in Europe. But they are old and vulnerable to the ravages of time and weather and cost an enormous amount to maintain. We will be failing future generations if we do not allow them to inherit these great buildings.

'I have a lifelong passion for cathedrals and, as a Christian, have a real appreciation of their primary purpose.  But even those who do not share the Christian faith can appreciate them as architectural masterpieces.

'Through this debate, I am seeking to draw attention to the place that cathedrals hold in our national and local and cultural life.'

Other members scheduled to speak include:

The Bishop of Birmingham, The Bishop of Wakefield and The Bishop of Worcester are also expected to take part in the debate.

Baroness Northover (Liberal Democrat) will respond on behalf of the government.

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Image: St Pauls, iStockphoto

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